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How Vet Post started

Introducing Vet Post Founder Dr. Rebecca Penman!

Some of us fall into jobs or take a few years to figure out what we truly want to do. But Rebecca Penman never had a doubt that becoming a vet was the path for her.


Rebecca’s close bond with animals started in childhood. She grew up with Goldie, the family golden Labrador, and got her first horse, Bessie, at the age of four. She remembers that she always had a natural interest in animals and a strong desire to care for them.


After graduating from Massey University in 2003 Rebecca worked in several small practices throughout New Zealand. She then moved to Australia, where she worked in emergency and critical care with many animals she hadn’t previously encountered such as snakes, lizards, and camels.


A highlight of Rebecca’s time in Australia was when four black Labrador puppies, only seven weeks old, were brought into her practice with a serious case of Parvovirus. Rebecca and two other vet nurses had to act quickly to isolate the puppies and provide intravenous fluids and blood transfusions. After nursing them back to good health over the next three weeks, Rebecca was then gifted one of the puppies as a thank you. This was a different sort of gift from the usual occasional flowers or chocolates, and was a pleasurable surprise that she’s never forgotten. Her beloved black Labrador, now called Cooper is 7 years old and lives happily with her back home in New Zealand.


Rebecca created Vet Post when she returned to New Zealand in 2015. It was borne out of a desire to address some the challenges she saw during her experience in different vet practices.


Rebecca’s biggest concern was the pain experienced by owners who could not afford necessary medication for their pets, and the consequent suffering of the animals. She designed Vet Post specifically to provide a more affordable option. In Vet Post’s online pharmacy owners can receive generous discounts on medications by using their prescriptions online.


Rebecca was also frustrated by not having enough time in clinic to provide all the necessary information to pet owners. That’s why Vet Post is also an education hub where owners can access a wealth of knowledge, advice, and tips on pet care and treatment.


Extending its support of animal welfare, Vet Post also donates $1 of each transaction to DC Rescue Dogs, which rescues and re-homes dogs in need.


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