Making a purchase with Vet Post is really easy, however there are two different types of product that we have on the site that you need to be aware of

Firstly we have OTC (other the counter) products and then we have Restricted Veterinary Medicines.

All of the OTC products can be ordered as you would normally off any other site. So find the product you want either from the different tabs or at the search bar at the top of the page, click on “add to cart” and then you are all set to purchase your product

Our Restricted Veterinary Medicine range will be clearly marked for you. These products will require a prescription from your current Veterinarian before we are able to send out your order. So what happens is that you still place your order as above, find the product you are after, place it in your cart and go to the check-out. Once the order has been placed you will need to go and pick up a prescription from your vet and then send it to us via snail mail. Once we receive the original prescription in the post we will send out your order and you should expect it with 48 hours

Now the reason the process is still via snail mail is the New Zealand legislation for Restricted Veterinary Medicines dictates that we MUST have the original signed copy of the prescription before we can dispense any prescription medications

Caring for the less fortunate

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We donate $1 from every transaction to DC Rescue Dogs. You will also have the option of donating any amount you like, towards this cause at check-out.

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