4CYTE™ Canine 100g is a unique advancement in joint health containing Epiitalis® a plant oil extract patented for its ability to proliferate chondrocyte cells for cartilage regeneration. Use after joint damage or surgery, or even better, have the foresight to use it as a prophylactic in high-risk large breeds, working or athletic dogs.

4CYTE  Canine can be extremely effective in;
• Pre and post operative situations
• Athletic and working dogs
• Dogs with pre-exisiting osteo-arthritis
• Older dogs


  • Advanced joint support, stimulating the natural mechanism to maintain healthy cartilage and joints.
    4CYTE™ Canine is the only product available with the inclusion of ‘Epiitalis®’ –a patented plant extract that contains a range of essential fatty acids which stimulate chondrocyte (cell) proliferation.
    assists-bubble-green Proven prevention of joint degradation
  • The prophylactic use of 4CYTE™ Canine reduces the central inflammatory mediator (PGE2) responsible for the cycle of joint inflammation and degradation
    promotes-bubble-blue Proven protection and promotion of healthy cartilage 4CYTE™ Canine provides a full range of naturally occurring GAGs and Omega-3 fatty acids essential for the production of cartilage.
  • 4CYTE™ provides a proven increase in chondrocyte viability.
    potential-bubble-grey Proven anti-inflammatory action and potential analgesia
  • 4CYTE™ Canine reduces the production of the central mediators of inflammation and pain – PGE2 and NO.
  • 4CYTE™ use reduces inflammation in affected joints.

New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel
Marine Cartilage

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