BetaVet BuildaBone 1kg


BuildaBone is a safe and natural marine nutraceutical supplement for horses. Derived from calcareous marine algae lithothamnion, BuildaBone is a highly bio available source of over 74 minerals and trace elements which offer vital benefits including maximised calcium levels for bone strength.


BuildaBone provides nutritional support for bone growth and bone turnover, mineral deposition and maturation for superior bone strength, particularly in growing young stock
and helps to reduce the risk of stress-related bone injuries in athletic horses.

• Maximised calcium levels for bone strength.
• Helps to nutritionally maintain healthy joints.
• Nutritionally supports bone turnover and repair.
• Scientifically proven results.
• Ideal for all horses including performance horses, mares in foal, young stock and older horses.
• Does not contain actives on prohibited substance lists.
• For racing rules please consult with your veterinary surgeon.

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