Easypill Dog – Bag 15 x 5g



EasyPill makes giving medication or a tablet easy

Many cat and dog owners struggle with the same problem: giving a tablet. Many animals refuse to eat or swallow a tablet because of its shape or taste. This putty can mask the shape and taste of the tablet. By wrapping the medication in the putty before giving it to your dog, you increase the chance that your pet will eat and swallow it.

Easy to size and portion

EasyPill is soft and mouldable. This makes it easy to size and portion according to the size of your animal. Any leftovers can be kneaded to together and stored for later use. A 20g pouch contains one bar of putty from which a small piece can be torn when needed.

EasyPill can be used for three months after opening when stored at room temperature. Leftovers can be given as a treat to your pet. Your pet will get accustomed to the taste, which makes administering medication in the future even easier. In the rare event that your pet refuses to eat EasyPill, you can let your pet get accustomed to the taste by giving one or two pieces of EasyPill as a treat for several days.


You can order EasyPill per bag or per value pack. The value pack for dogs contains twenty individually wrapped EasyPills. According to Vettinov, the producer of EasyPill, one bag of EasyPill for dogs equals twenty administrations. EasyPill dog is formulated specifically for dogs, but it can also be used for other carnivores, such as ferrets.


Poultry meal, glucose syrup, water, guaran, animal fat, pregelatinized wheat starch, wheat gluten, CE certified antioxidants, flavouring, preservatives, colouring.

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