Ipakitine 180gm



Numerous studies have shown the benefit of phosphate reduction in cats and dogs suffering from kidney failure and it is now widely accepted that there is a direct link between the length and quality of life of a cat or dog with kidney failure and the amount of phosphates they get through their food.

The ingredients in Ipakitine act as phosphate binding agaents and lower the absorption of phosphates from the intestines.Thus,in respect of phosphate restriction they can mimic or enhance the effects of a phosphate restricted food.There is also a reduction in nthe absorption of some uraemic toxins that can affect normal kidney function.

Through this double action Ipakitine supports normal kidney function.

Ipakitine contains,Calcium carbonate-proven phosphate binder

Chitosan-acts as an absorbent in the intestines,thus lowers absorption of certain substances which are harmful to the kidneys.

dosage 1 level scoop= 1g powder, 1g powder per 5 kg bodyweight.Mix with food,for up to 6 months initially.Regular vet checkups are recommended when treating kidney disease..Allow free access to fresh water during administration.

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