Kaimanawa Starter Pack


Pack Includes;

1 x Equibrew 1.25L

1 x Tuffrock G.I Liquid 500ml

1 x Promectin Plus Mini 6.3gm

1 x Lice’n’Simple 100ml

6 x Assorted Cohesive Bandages (10cm x 4.5m)

6 x Soffban Rolls (10cm x 2.7m)

1 x Hexiderm 375ml

1 x Wound Powder 100gm

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EquiBrew is a high performance probiotic feed supplement for horses, ponies and foals at all stages of development. EquiBrew is safe, non-toxic and Clean Sport compliant. EquiBrew features extremely high microbial viability (minimum109 CFU/dose lactobacilli) and activity along with a suite of beneficial metabolites. EquiBrew is safe for use in sugar-sensitive horses. Sugars have been converted by our microbes into more microbes and beneficial organic acids. Virtually no residual sugar is left when bottled. EquiBrew is an intact fermentation product with very high numbers of beneficial microbes and the equally beneficial metabolites they produce. This combination can only be found inBioBrew Ltd products.

Tuffrock G.I Liquid: WORLD’S FIRST 3 & 2 Dimensional Volcanic Minerals with bio-available collagen. G.I. LIQUID is a new approach for horses designed to focus on the cause …not the symptoms … the concept is we may be able to help maintain normal gastro-intestinal conditions as if your horse is free on the range. G.I. LIQUID is manufactured from our unique range of 100% Australian natural colloidal volcanic minerals with gut acid normalizer. Lovely earthy taste means easy to paste by syringe over the tongue or add to feed.

Promectin Plus Mini is the smallest, lightest and easiest-to-use wormer available, providing full-strength, broad spectrum parasite control in a unique mini tube

Lice’n’Simple: Effective control of biting lice Werneckiella (Bovicola) equi on horses, with a singletreatment. Contains the insect growth regulator triflumuron, which interferes with insect chitin synthesis and acts primarily against immature lice, causing death by rupturing the malformed cuticle and/or by insect starvation.

Hexiderm: Great for bathing wounds, washing hands, soaking hoof abscess, ringworm, mudfever, and much much more

Wound Powder: A simple and effective ready-to-use fly repelling wound dressing suitable for use on all animals. Promotes rapid healing with minimal scar tissue formation on all shallow cuts, grazes and scratches. The wound should first be cleaned and dried if possible. Then puff the Wound Powder liberally over the infected area daily until the wound heals. Do not bandage powdered wounds.

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