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The Ultimate Pet First Aid Kit

It’s no doubt that vets are the experts when it comes to dealing with your pet’s emergency, however most of us don’t have the privilege of having one within our residence. Since pet emergencies can never be predicted, it is always best to be prepared if an accident should occur.


The first step in being prepared is having a pet first aid kit available in your home or one that is ready to be taken with you if you are going travelling. Animal emergencies happen at any time and need immediate attention. Having a pet first aid kit can help prevent severe damage before taking your pet to the vet.


To help you be prepared for a pet emergency, we’ve put together below a list of items we believe are essential to you pets first aid kit:


Thermal Blanket – During an emergency your pet’s temperature can drop severely, so it’s best to have a blanket available or to use it to help make them comfortable.


Scissors – These are used to cut bandages and medical supplies, or even to cut things out of matted fur or freeing your pet from entanglements.


Forceps – These can come in handy when you need to hold tissues or bandages in place as it will keep the dressing clean when applying, rather than using your hands.


Gloves – These will help make sure you are treating your pet with clean hands and to also protect yourself from any germs or bacteria.


Cotton Wool and swabs – These are good for cleaning, drying or covering your pets wound.


Soft Padding (5cm x 1, 7.5cm x 1) – This will help provide added comfort and even pressure of compression for your pet’s injury or wound.


Non-stick Melolin Pad (x2) – A highly absorbent cotton that allows for comfort and rapid drainage of exudate, which can help reduce trauma to healing tissue.


Bandages (5cm x 1, 7.5cm x 1) – Great for covering your pets wound or injury.


Chlorhexidine Wash (100ml) – A useful disinfectant or cleanser that can be used to treat environmental surfaces and your pets skin, as it’s effective against bacteria, fungus, yeast and viruses.


Thermometer – You will need one to measure your pet’s temperature. During an emergency, relaying this type of information will also be useful for when the vet arrives.


Instant Ice Pack – This will help the cool down a pet’s injury.


Sterile Saline (60mls) – This can be used to clean in and around the eyes of dogs and cats, and can also be used to clean up wounds.


Syringes – Good to have on hand for treating your pet with oral medicine.


Anti-histamines – Can help reduce the swelling of an injury and will also aid the management of allergies.


Hydrogen peroxide – This can act as an antiseptic soap for your pet’s wounds and will help keep them clean.


Nutrigel (50g) – A high-calorie, mineral dietary supplement for dogs and cats. This will provide nutritional support for your pet when normal food intake may be lacking, as it stimulates their appetite while providing calories and other dietary essentials.


Electrolyte Sachet – An electrolyte solution that can be given to your pets if they are sick and dehydrated or are needing an instant source of electrolyte supplements.


Aloe Vera Gel (100g) – This gel is perfect for burns of scrapes on your pet as it’s non-toxic and will help keep your pets wound clean.


Manuka Vet Gel (20g) – Made from 100% pure New Zealand medical grade Manuka honey, the gel will help kill bacteria and retain a pet’s moisture so wounds can heal faster with less scarring.


We also recommend that you take the following extra steps to be completely prepared for any emergency:


  • Taking pet first aid class – This will help you learn what to do in certain situations and how you can prevent things from getting worse until proper medical help arrives.
  • Read pet first aid or animal health books – This will give you a basic understanding of a pet’s health and wellbeing and can also be included in your pet first aid kit for emergencies.
  • Familiarise yourself with pet emergency clinics – During a stressful time it can be easy to forget where the closest vet or clinic is, so it’s best to have their number on-hand.


To make it easy for you, we’ve also designed a comprehensive Vet Post first aid kit that contains all the above necessary tools and products, which you can purchase here. With a comprehensive pet first aid kit, you can be sure that when the worst happens you’re prepared.


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