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Remember the old adage “prevention is better than cure” or even “preparation is the key”. Whilst these are just quotes, it highlights the truth that hindsight is a wonderful thing. Wouldn’t you be better off being prepared and armed for any unforeseeable event!

vetpost-petplan-dog-insuranceNow I know some of you are still thinking that insurance is a waste of money, or that you’ll have the money when the time comes, or quite simply that you can’t afford it. So let me introduce you to one of my favourite little patients Basil and see if he can help you change your minds.

“Basil Brush” as I call him is an absolutely gorgeous Yorkshire Terrier x Chihuahua. He’s not your ordinary yappy/land shark type either, but the sweetest most adorable kind you will ever meet. Now wee Basil thinks he’s a big dog at the best of times, and one weekend he and his big brothers got into the garbage. Generally speaking, you might think this is a fairly benign act, lots of dog’s love getting in to the rubbish!

But for wee Basil the food that was in the rubbish caused his pancreas to become so inflamed it caused him to develop Diabetes. Now unbeknownst to Basil’s owner what was going on inside his body was much worse than he eluded too, whilst he was unwell, to the owner he didn’t seem really really sick. But a few days later he was getting worse so off to the vet he went.

Poor Basil’s pancreatic enzymes were through the roof and his glucose levels were off the charts. He was immediately placed on intravenous fluids and started on medications to help him. However, this was only the beginning of what became days and days of treatment. For little Basil required round the clock care to ensure his glucose levels stayed down, which meant travelling across to the emergency clinic that evening. Because his case was unusual it was then recommended that he saw the specialist for an ultrasound of his belly and further care.

vetpost-basil-dog-insurance-petplanAll of this meant lots and lots of money for poor Basil’s owner, but because he was in a critical state it was an all or nothing scenario – either they made the horrible decision to put him to sleep, or they paid for the best treatment possible. So Basil’s owner’s gave him the chance he desperately needed and he was given days of fluid therapy, a blood transfusion from his big brother and lots of different medications. Through the persistence and care from the original vet clinic, the specialists and the after hour’s clinic, Basil managed to come through his big ordeal.

But from an innocent play in the garbage bin, Basil’s owners were now out of pocket $13,000!

You never want to be in the position with your beloved animal where you have to make a life or death decision because of money. A pet plays such a huge role in your life, the years of happiness they bring you can not be replaced by anything in this world

Please make the decision to insure your beloved pet, so you know that in the unfortunate event they need emergency or specialist care, you won’t even hesitate to say yes and have them around for many years to come

Here at Vet Post we recommend Petplan as our pet insurance company of choice, but at the end of the day you have to choose what is right for you! Please make the decision either way to insure your pet today.

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